Dorna 2

Dorna 2 is a high performance and affordable robotic arm. The robot stands out due to its reliability, speed, accuracy and ease of control.

Mechanical Properties

  • Smooth and low vibration: rigid structure and low backlash gearing
  • High payload: maximum payload of 2 kg and nominal payload of 1.5 kg
  • High speed: one of the fastest robots in its class
  • High accuracy: repeatability of up to 0.02 mm
  • Efficient workspace: 500 mm reach
  • Low weight: body weight of 5.5 kg
  • Mounting options:  mounting options on the ground or ceiling
  • Efficient cabling: Extendable DB25 connectors
  • Maintenance free: Long hours with no lubrication needed

Work envelope

Controller and I/Os

  • Advanced motion controller: Inverse and forward kinematics engine capable of processing new command every 2ms
  • Closed loop control: Position accuracy and collision detection
  • Auxiliary axes: Up to 3 additional closed loop axes
  • Inputs and outputs: I/Os, PWMs and ADCs for actuators and sensors
  • High speed communication: Gigabit Ethernet and wifi for control

Software and API

  • Dorna Lab: Web-based interactive graphical software, runs on PC, cell phone or tablet
  • Programming: Hand training, or using graphical path designer
  • Path Design: Design and simulation of complex paths with no coding
  • API: WebSocket based API with a minimal set of JSON commands