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Arm Connection is Random

Hi All,


I am new with this arm. I am facing a very strange problem. The arm is not connecting every time. Most of the time I get no response. COM port detection on PC is correct. I am using Dorna2.2 Windows64 utility. Dorna Arm firmware version is 1.21.

Please help.


I observed a very strange behavior. If I follow the following steps, most of time Arm gets connected successfully(I mean that behavior is consistent)—

  1. Switch OFF Dorna Controller Box
  2. Connect USB cable between Dorna Controller box and Laptop
  3. Start Dorna2.2  Windows 64 Utility
  4. Select COM port and send connect request
  5. It connects successfully
  6. Now switch ON Dorna Controller Box
  7. Start working with your Dorna Arm
  8. Arm works perfectly

You should use the latest version that is Dorna2.2 with Windows Utility. So there would be no such problem that you are facing at the moment. I hope this link info will be enough for you. If something further information required then doesn’t hesitate to ask, please.