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Great desktop tool for mac thanks!
I have a few "early" issues with the layout and controls but Ill focus on learning to control the robot first.
My main question is: can I import G code? The tutorial on the light painting is all BB coding. My knowledge is limited and I would not know where to start.

In other words is there a parser?

You can use the "gcode" command to send a single gcode line.

For example:

{"command" : "gcode", "prm": "G1X10F100..."}


We are also working on a general function to submit multiple lines of gcodes at once, or just load a gcode file (gcode text file).

I'll send you a notice when we have the update ready, so you can download the latest version from our website.



Looking forward to it thanks!

Where could I find more information about the laser module?
I have a laser and would like to use it with Dorna. Is there a way to port Simply 3D so I can cut?