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No Arm Movement

Im using Raspberrypi to control dorno but im facing issues as mentioned below

Python version 3.5.3


Commands used   :


1.       Created dorna object   -ok

2.       Connect () through ttyACM0 port in raspberry  --  ok

3.       Updated the firmware     ---   ok

4.      Robot.connect()        -- ok

4.       Robot.homed()   - ok . it returns all zero’s

5.       Robot.home(“jo”)  -- no response and no movement in ARM ,it was the same for all joints(j1,j2,j3,j4)

While tying with dorna studio it works fine,but not with raspberry pi.

kindly help me to resolve this issue

@senthilmanoj249 switch to Python 3.7+, and see if you see any changes.