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Output about the PWM of the gripper



I have a problem about the ouput of the controller for the gripper. My gripper currently don't move, also i made measurements on the oscilloscope.

The duty cycle of the PWM move well when i set the gripper (0 to 1000). But the low voltage is 3.17V and the high voltage is 3.35V of the PWM, it's normal ? Do you have more information about the functioning of this PWM to help us troubleshoot ?

Thank you in advance for your answer


Hi Boris,

PWM is the standard Analog output pin that is controlled by hardware. For controlling servo, we have programmed the frequency to a standard value of 50HZ, and the pulse width varies between 1ms and 2ms. The parameters are hardcoded in the firmware. Please see here for more information about PWM required to run a servo:




I just found the problem. The output PWM of the Arduino is broken, so the low level wasn't 0V like a standard analaog PWM but 3.17V. I changed it and it's work.

Thank you for your time

Great! Thanks for the update.