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I encourage you to look into a partnership with RoboDK (, so you can get the Dorna arm into their library ( They will do this for the cost of a professional license ($3K), which would be a good investment for your company, because all your customers would then all have access to the $145 educational license for a fully robust software option. I would certainly pay that much to have my investment in the Dorna arm pay off.

For those looking for an open solution, I believe you should integrate the Dorna with MoveIt or another large open source robot arm effort. I get that you feel obliged to offer a simple, scriptable solution to those that want something to work shortly after assembly, but beyond the bare bones, you just won't be able to keep up as a small team. It just doesn't make sense to keep investing in your own proprietary, extremely limited software in the face of all the incredible development going on elsewhere. Your hardware would instantly become more attractive to the thousands of users in these larger communities. I hope you take these ideas into consideration.

PS: It seems like all the posts on the old forum are gone. Would have been nice to get a heads up about this. There was some good information there.

Thanks for your suggestion!

After your suggestion we have started looking into RoboDK offering a bit more in depth and have contacted them for possible partnership. We have not come to a final conclusion yet, but we are working with them to offer a special license which will only work for Dorna at a discounted price, on our website. There are certain technical details that need to be resolved first, but we really excited about the offering and looking forward to have it in the next few days.

Also, regarding the old forum, if we find a way to seamlessly transition it to the new platform it will be great. Otherwise, most issues are now irrelevant as they have been taken care of in the new software and API releases.