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S1 red LED always on

J0 is unable to home. It endlessly spins. The red LED on sensor S1 is always on.

I've confirmed the sensor S1 itself is not the problem because the same thing happens with other sensors connected to the S1 port on the controller board. I've also confirmed sensor S1 does not have this problem when connected to other sensor ports on the controller board.

I suspect there's something wrong with the S1 sensor port on the controller board. Could a firmware update resolve this? I'm running Firmware v1.21, and Software v2.0.1.4

Have you tested the - + s pins of the sensor are connected to -+s pins on the controller board respectively? You can check the connectivity by a multimeter.

Also please check if the sensor pins are not short together due to some bad soldering.

The connectivity all checks out. I did notice that the voltage reading between the s and - pins on S2 - S5 to be ~3.2v, but on S1 it's ~0.7v. What does this mean?