Homing and Calibration

Homing needs to be performed after each time that the robot is turned on, to make sure the robot knows its coordinate positions. Calibration is performed once, to compensate for any offset errors that is introduced due to the misalignment of the robot homing sensors. In this tutorial we will go over homing and calibration procedures in Python API.

Light Painting With Dorna

In this tutorial, we will use Inkscape to draw an image and generate gcode that Dorna will use to draw a light painting.

Configuration Parameters

In this tutorial, we will go over Dorna’s configuration file. Some of the main parameters that describe the robot’s behavior are stored in the configuration file.

joint coordinate system

Dorna Coordinate System

In this tutorial we will review Dorna coordinate system and its terminologies. Knowledge of the coordinate system of the robot is critical in programming the arm.

Raspberry Pi with Dorna

Raspberry Pi is small but powerful Linux machine that is a great platform for developing applications for Dorna. Using Pi’s GPIO pins you can expand the connectivity of Dorna. Furthermore, since Pi has a builtin WIFI module, you can easily connect Dorna to it and run it wirelessly. In this tutorial, We will go over the basic steps to get you up and running with Raspberry Pi and Dorna using Dorna Python API.

Dorna Python API Quick Start

This guide will help you get up and running with your new Dorna robot using the Python API.