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The Dorna Rail is a belt driven, closed-loop controlled rail that’s fully coordinated with Dorna 2 and adds approximately 1 meter of workspace to the robot. It provides a sturdy, smooth, and accurate linear motion platform for Dorna 2. The Rail comes as an unassembled kit with all required components to build a full-functioning rail. The rail directly connects to the Dorna 2 controller and it can be controlled as a 6th axis in Dorna Lab or via the Python API.

  • Dorna Rail currently has 2 weeks lead time.
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    Model Dorna Rail
    Approx Travel 95 cm
    Accuracy 0.02 mm
    Max speed 300 mm/second
    Drive Mechanism Belt driven
    Dimensions 1110mm X 350mm X 140mm
    Net Weight 5.4 Kg (12 Lbs)

    Additional information

    Weight 15 lbs
    Dimensions 48 × 4 × 4 in

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