Dorna, high performance automation

A new class of robotic arm, with industrial grade performance at an affordable cost, designed to be used by businesses of all sizes.

High quality build

High quality material and special gearing mechanism, makes Dorna an sturdy arm with negligible backlash, perfect for precise application.

Easy programming

Easily simulate or control the robot in our desktop app, or make high performance application in Python for controlling one or multiple arms.

Infinitely expandable

Expand the performance by attaching the right toolhead or sensor for your application to the arm and the controller and program it directly from Dorna app.

Powerful and sturdy

Dorna is made out of aircraft grade aluminum body and timing pulleys, for a rigid and sturdy design. With a 2.5LBs(1.1KG) max payload you can attach a DSLR camera to Dorna and capture great smooth shots.

Python Development API

With an open source Python API, you can quickly build new applications and integrate other libraries such as vision or machine learning with Dorna. The API also lets you control as many Dorna as you need in one program.

trusted by world-class brands

let Dorna give you a hand

by bringing precision and speed to your automation project