Warranty Guidelines

Mentioned below are the warranty guidelines offered to service users of Dorna Robotics. Please note that the warranties offered are non-negotiable.

1-year Warranty

The warranty period of the robot controller box, motors, sensors, and accessories are limited to one (1) year from the shipping of the products when subjected to the normal, proper, and intended usage. This warranty applies solely to a failure of the products (as opposed to the integration into a Buyer system) only. Other products shall not be covered by the warranty service.

Void of Warranty

The following conditions will impact the warranty services:

  • Opening the case of the controller box will void the warranty.
  • Operating the robot or other accessories over their limits and capacities as specified on product pages will void the warranty.
  • Disassembly of the robot parts or accessories will void the warranty.

Free replacement

In the event of a warranty, the customer will receive a free repair, replacement, or refund of the defective or non-conforming parts.

Performance failure

In the event of a non-artificial performance failure of the product during the warranty period, please immediately contact our support team.

​Note: The freight for any replacement or return that meets the above conditions shall be borne by the customer. The tariff at the destination which is required to be paid due to its policy shall be borne by the customer.

Dead on Arrival

If the product is damaged or not working upon arrival please immediately contact our support team. Upon inspection and approval by our support team, we will arrange for free replacement or repair of the product that is damaged or not working.

Care Warranty

Dorna Care is our premium maintenance plan to reduce instrument downtime and increase the life span of our products. The plan also includes training and engineering hours, aimed at expediting the onboarding process and helping businesses integrate robots into their applications. The following items are included in one year care warranty program.

Upon prior request by the customer and approval by our support team, the Dorna Care warranty can be extended for multiple years. Please contact our sales team for more information on that.

1. Onboarding

Our onboarding process includes a dedicated engineer who will guide you through the robot’s setup and initial programming, as well as provide basic training on its operation and maintenance. The onboarding session will take 60 to 90 minutes and can be scheduled at any time within the one-year warranty period.

2. Programming hours

Additionally, you’ll receive 5 hours of engineering service each year that can be used for programming, repurposing, or customization needs.

The engineering hours can be scheduled at any time during the one-year warranty period.

The engineering hours can be used in one or multiple sessions. Furthermore, based on the request from the customer and the availability of the required engineering resources at Dorna Robotics, multiple disciplines, including software, mechanical hardware, or integration projects can be discussed in these sessions.

If the customer requires extra engineering hours, they will be calculated and invoiced to the customer according to our standard hourly rates. Please contact our sales team to learn more.

3. Dedicated support

To ensure your robot experiences minimal downtime and no disruptions in operation, our team will schedule a discovery video call within one day of receiving a technical issue report from you. We’ll remotely connect to your robot and determine the appropriate next steps to resolve the issue. Typically, software issues can be resolved during the same call. In the event of hardware failure, replacement parts will be shipped to our Care customers within a day via express shipping services.