Product Description

This kit contains a linear rail with a closed-loop motor and driver that is fully synchronized with the robot joints. The rail extends the horizontal reach of the robot and provides a sturdy, fast, smooth, and accurate linear motion platform. The package is robot-ready and comes with all the required components.

Main Features
  • Lightweight And Compact Linear Rail With 1-Meter Travel.

  • Quick Setup And Flexible Mounting Options.

  • Strong Belt-Driven Mechanism For Smooth, Fast, And Accurate Motion.

  • Comes With A Drag Chain Cable Carrier For Cable Management.

  • Fully Coordinated And Synced With Other Axes Of The Robot.

  • Connects Directly To The Robot Controller And Seamless Integration Via Dorna Lab And The Python API.

Ideal For
  • Assembly line
  • Creative production
  • Lab automation
  • Fast pick and place

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product specifications

General specs


General specs

Package Content

  • 1. rail and carriage
  • 2. drag chain
  • 3. motor coupler
  • 4. washers
  • 5. screws
  • 6. nuts
  • 7. motor driver
  • 8. driver cables
  • 9. chain holder
  • 10. chain connector
  • 11. motor and encoder
Dorna 2 Robot


To get started with the rail kit, begin from here and learn how to get the rail up and running.


No. The rail can be directly powered by 48V power supply using the connector available at the back of the controller box.

The standard size is 1 meter. If you need other sizes, we can provide them to you. Please contact our sales team at and we will be happy to help you.

No. This belt can only be used in horizontal orientation.

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