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Introducing Dorna 2S

Sadegh Tabatabaei

Sadegh Tabatabaei

May 3, 2023 8 MINS

Addition of Dorna 2S to Dorna Robots

Dorna 2S robotic arm model with controller.

Dorna Robotics, a company based in California, is excited to announce the addition of a new robot to its existing lineup. The Dorna 2S is an enhanced version of our previous model, the Dorna 2, with numerous upgrades and new features. The Dorna 2S uses the Dorna Controller v3, which has advanced capabilities.

Below are some of the new features of the Dorna 2S:

  • Absolute encoder: The Dorna 2S has high-resolution absolute encoders on its joints, resulting in more accurate positioning without any position inaccuracy due to belt flex. Additionally, the robot does not require homing at startup and maintains its position even when the power is lost.
  • Regenerative Brakes: The Dorna 2S is equipped with regenerative braking circuitry in its motor drive system that slows down the arm considerably in the event of a power loss.
  • Less cabling: With just one cable connecting the robot to the controller box, the Dorna 2S simplifies the setup process. The standard cable is 3 meters long but can be extended up to 20 meters.
  • More powerful motors: The Dorna 2S employs stronger motors than the Dorna 2, resulting in an increased payload capacity of 2 kg.
  • IOs on the robot: The Dorna 2S has IO pins located at the head of the robot for convenient connection to end-of-arm tools.
  • Air ports: The Dorna 2S has two air ports at the head of the robot for direct connection of pneumatic tools.
  • Covered electronics: All electronics, including encoders, connectors, and PCBs, are fully covered on the Dorna 2S, making it more reliable for industrial applications.
  • Sturdier body: The Dorna 2S has a more robust mechanical design compared to its predecessor, utilizing higher-rated bearings and shafts. This new design makes the Dorna 2S ideal for high-speed and high-payload applications.

Overall, the Dorna 2S was created for applications that require speed, accuracy, and reliability, such as lab automation, factory automation, and high-speed pick and place on assembly or packaging lines. With its affordable price, the Dorna 2S can be an excellent investment for businesses of all sizes, with a quick return on investment.

For any inquiries about the Dorna 2S robot, please contact our sales team at Dorna Robotics.

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