Rail Kit


This kit includes a belt-driven rail, with a closed-loop controller that is fully coordinated with the Dorna 2 robot and adds approximately 1 meter of workspace to the robot. It provides a sturdy, smooth, and accurate linear motion platform for Dorna 2. The Rail comes as an unassembled kit with all required components needed to build a fully functioning rail. The rail directly connects to the Dorna 2 controller and can be controlled as a 6th axis in Dorna Lab or via the Python API.

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Main Features

  • Low weight and quick setup, and flexible mounting options simplify your integration process. 
  • The rail adds approximately one meter of travel to your Dorna 2 robot.
  • A strong belt-driven drive mechanism provides smooth, fast, and accurate motion.
  • All necessary components to operate the rail are included in the kit.
  • Use Dorna Lab or Python API to program the rail in coordination with other joints of the robot.
  • The kit includes a drag chain cable carrier for the management of cables and pipes connected to the robot.


Technical Data

overall length 1140 mm
overall width 150 mm
overall height 80 mm
maximum travel 900 mm
maximum speed 1200 mm / s
accuracy 0.05 mm
pitch sieze 75 mm / turn
homing automatic

Package Content

  • A : motor and encoder assembly
  • B : driver control cable
  • C : driver power cable
  • D : driver
  • E : 4X pan head M4 10mm motor mounting screws
  • F : 4X pan head M4 6mm cable chain mounting screws
  • G : 4X flat head M4 screws and T nuts
  • H : 4X M8 screws for mounting robot
  • I : 10X plastic washers for mounting robot
  • J : motor coupler
  • K : 2X chain holder
  • L : chain connector
  • M : drag chain
  • N : rail and carriage

Technical Drawings

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 59 × 5 × 8 in


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