Mechanical Properties

With a rigid structure, and low backlash gearing system, Dorna produces smooth and vibrations free movements, even under large payloads.

High precision, high speed and smooth movements, along with high payload capacity, make Dorna a great fit for industrial and scientific applications.

Number of Axis 5
Payload 2.5 LB (1.1 KG)
Horizontal Reach 19.57 in (497.1 mm)
Vertical Reach 23.93 in (607.9 mm)
Resolution 0.005 in (0.1 mm)
Repeatability 0.001 in (0.025 mm)
Base Swing 358 deg
Lower Arm Swing 230 deg
Upper Arm Swing 260 deg
Wrist Swing Unlimited in both directions
Max Base Speed 300 deg / sec
Max Lower Arm Speed 150 deg / sec
Max Upped Arm Speed 150 deg / sec
Max Wrist Speed 300 deg / sec in both directions
Max Body Width 4.31 in (109.6 mm)
Body Weight 12 LB (5.4 KG)

Dimensions and Limits

You can download functional CAD files of Dorna here: Dorna CAD model

You can download ROS URDF file here: Dorna URDF model

Controller and I/Os

Connect sensors and actuators to the controller box and make them work coordinated with the arm using the software or Python API.

Dorna controller box supports an extra stepper motor which you can use for a sixth axis or a stepper based gripper.

Software and API

With our web based software, you can easily control, write scripts, and simulate the robot on any platform. Use our Python API for more flexibility and control over the robot. Expand the functionality of Dorna by integrating with vision and machine learning libraries in Python.

  • Open source software and API
  • Web based software runs on all platforms
  • Graphical simulator
  • Python API

For more information and to download Dorna software visit the software page.