Dorna’s Software

Dorna employs cutting-edge software to facilitate programming. Even novices can access and use the software without assistance.

What Makes Dorna Unique

Multi access

Dorna hosts software that is novel in its simplicity. It is compatible with a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and phones, and it can work on local devices (after initial setup) without an internet connection.


Easy setup

Dorna Robotic’s software is supported by its web app or any other web-based application. The quick-set-up guide for Dorna’s robotic arm can be found on all official channels.

Easy setup

Program without experience

Dorna wants its users to experience easy automation without depending on experts. Even the most novice operator can control the robot by implementing easy codes. The software has multiple user modules with hand-teaching one of the new additions.


Programming Dorna 2

Dorna Lab

Dorna lab is a modern web-based interactive GUI (Graphic User Interface) designed to work with Dorna robots and accessories. The software can be used to program, simulate, and monitor robots using a web browser that can be accessed from a computer, smartphone, laptop, or tablet without the need for any device installation.

Quick setup and operation

Dorna lab increases the profitability of your operations by enabling the robotic subsystem to perform tasks such as jogging, training, programming, and simulation without disturbing production.

Visualize programming

Dorna Lab equips you to perform offline simulations without accessing the robot. Through Dorna Lab, you can design and optimize complex visual paths even without prior coding experience. The result can later be previewed in a simulation mode to test for any possible collision before running the robot.

Dorna's Controller

Designed for rigorous performance and reliability, Dorna 2 controller comes with higher command processing speed and repetitive consistency.

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Smooth complex paths

Dorna 2 high-performance motion planning engine traverses lines, circles, and complex paths.

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8-axis Closed Loop Controller

Dorna 2 enjoys an 8-axis closed-loop control system, guaranteeing repeatability and consistency.

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Fast and Live Motion Processor

The controller can process a new motion command at approximately every 2m/s.

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Collision Detection and Easy Recovery

It has built-in collision detection and provides easy recovery from collisions.

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Position Accuracy

The robot has 0.02 mm repeatability that guarantees position accuracy.

Auxiliary Axes

Dorna 2 controller allows users to control up to 3 additional closed loop axes along with the 5 axes of the robot (8 axes in total). The extra axes can be used for gripping mechanisms, rail tracking, camera control, or any other automation mechanisms that require precise and synchronized motion.

Advanced motion controller

Dorna 2 high-performance motion planning engine is capable of traversing complex paths including- lines and circles. The controller can process a new motion command at approximately every 2m/s — making workflow faster and more efficient.

Closed-loop controller

Dorna 2 enjoys a fully closed-loop control system that guarantees position accuracy, repeatability, and consistency of the robot at any speed. It also provides collision detection and easy recovery from collisions.


Several I/Os allow for more sophisticated applications interacting with sensors, actuators, and other devices.

  • 16 input pins
  • 16 output pins
  • 5 PWM channels
  • 2 ADC channels


Fast Ethernet and wireless enable real-time, reliable, and secure communication between users and the robot.

  • Gigabit ethernet
  • Onboard wireless
  • Multi-user interaction

Apl dorna 2

Dorna 2 is the perfect solution for all automation needs.

An easy-to-use, and a reliable robotic arm that has transformed the way we experience automation.