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Stepping into the future with Dorna

January 5, 2024 25 MINS

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  1. Dorna’s vision
  2. Dorna 2S – A leap forward in robotic technology
    1. Absolute encoder system
    2. Regenerative braking circuitry
    3. Simplified cabling
    4. More powerful motors
    5. IOs on the Robot
    6. Air ports
    7. Covered electronics
    8. Sturdier body
  3. Dorna at work
    1. Material handling
    2. Lab automation
    3. Creative production
  4. Dorna – an automation solution uniquely yours
    1. Mushroom-harvesting robot
    2. CODA – Robotic Art Installation
    3. Lab automation scaled
  5. Education with Dorna
  6. Automate with Dorna

Headquartered in California, Dorna Robotics is a one-stop shop for all business automation needs and stands today at the forefront of robotic innovation. Their recent unveiling of the Dorna 2S marks a significant stride in the same direction of advancing automation efficiently for everyone. 

The following blog dives into the intricacies of Dorna’s cutting-edge technology, diverse industry applications, and real-world success stories, emphasizing the team’s commitment to shaping the future of the workforce.

Dorna’s vision

Dorna Robotics pioneers accessible automation solutions, setting the standard in the automation landscape. Rooted in reliability, Dorna aims to instill confidence in its users, ensuring that our robotic systems perform consistently on the production line. 

The core values of advancement, innovation, and versatility drive Dorna’s pursuit of excellence, pushing the boundaries of what is achievable in the realm of automation. Its robots are sturdy, fast and scalable while its web-based and easy programming make its ecosystem accessible to non-experts. All of it is encapsulated in its commitment to affordability, making cutting-edge automation technology accessible to businesses of all sizes. 

Let’s understand how these values take a tangible form by looking at the intricacies of its latest robot – Dorna 2S.

Dorna 2S – A leap forward in robotic technology

Meet Dorna 2S, the latest addition to Dorna Robotics’ lineup, boasting a spectrum of upgrades that redefine the capabilities of robotic arms:

Absolute encoder system

High-resolution absolute encoders on joints ensure pinpoint accuracy, eliminating position inaccuracies due to belt flex. The robot requires no homing at startup and maintains position even in power loss.

Regenerative braking circuitry

Equipped with regenerative braking, the Dorna 2S ensures a safe and controlled slowdown in the event of power loss, enhancing operational safety.

Simplified cabling

Dorna 2S boasts a streamlined setup with just one cable connecting the robot to the controller box; the standard cable, 3 meters long, is extendable up to 20 meters.

More powerful motors

Employing stronger motors than its predecessor, the Dorna 2S has an increased payload capacity of 2 kg, making it ideal for high-speed and high-payload applications.

IOs on the Robot

Dorna 2S is equipped with IO pins located at the robot’s head, facilitating convenient connection to end-of-arm tools and significantly enhancing versatility in various applications.

Air ports

The robot features two air ports at the head of the robot for direct connection of pneumatic tools, expanding the range of applications.

Covered electronics

All electronic parts of the robot, including encoders, connectors, and PCBs, are fully covered, ensuring reliability in demanding industrial applications.

Sturdier body

The Dorna 2S showcases a more robust mechanical design compared to its predecessor, utilizing higher-rated bearings and shafts. This design is tailored for high-speed and high-payload applications, ensuring durability and longevity.

Primed for applications demanding speed, accuracy, and reliability, the Dorna 2S finds its niche in lab automation, factory automation, and high-speed pick-and-place scenarios. An affordable investment, it promises a swift return for businesses of all sizes, embodying Dorna Robotics’ commitment to delivering excellence in automation technology.

Dorna at work

Dorna’s robotic prowess seamlessly extends across diverse industries:

Material handling

Dorna robots redefine efficiency in repetitive tasks with an intuitive programming platform and cost-effective solutions. Robots become indispensable for seamless material handling, precise assembly processes, and efficient machine tending.

Lab automation

Dorna robots have emerged as a revolutionary force in the realm of lab automation. Their compact size, easy-to-use software, and high-quality motion make them perfect for large-scale deployment in diagnostics, drug discovery, and biotechnology. Lab professionals find in Dorna an ally for precise, repeatable, and high-throughput tasks.

Creative production

Beyond traditional applications, Dorna opens new avenues for creators and artists. The affordability, high-quality motion, and portability of Dorna robots make them invaluable tools for various creative tasks. From product photography to interactive installations, Dorna’s adaptability resonates with creators across diverse fields.

Dorna – an automation solution uniquely yours

Dorna has proved time and again its commitment to innovation and reliability in providing its automation solutions to solve real-life situations with unique demands and requirements. Some of these are:

Mushroom-harvesting robot

Dorna Robotics has tackled a prevalent issue in the agricultural sector in one of its case studies. Collaborating with one of Canada’s largest mushroom farms, they designed a robotic solution capable of delicately picking and depositing mushrooms. The challenges, including the need for an innovative gripper mechanism and a Scara-type robot design, were met with expertise and innovation. Equipped with 3D vision using an Intel RealSense camera, the robot achieved picking cycles comparable to human pickers, with over 80% accuracy.

CODA – Robotic Art Installation

Dorna’s versatility extends beyond industrial production to the realm of art. In collaboration with Collectif Scale, Dorna robots took the stage in CODA, a dynamic luminous architectural structure showcased at the Fête des Lumières in Lyon. Twenty robotic arms, equipped with 1.5m long light bars, choreographed mesmerizing displays of light, demonstrating the potential of Dorna robots in artistic endeavors. CODA represents a unique blend of kinetic art, sound, and light, captivating audiences. Therein the robots’ mechanical design, smooth motion, and intuitive programming proved itself not just innovative and reliable but scalable and versatile.

Lab automation scaled

In addressing the challenges of high total costs and the need for a compact, portable and scalable robotic solution in lab automation, Dorna Robotics presented a transformative solution with the Dorna 2 robot.

In a recent lab automation project, a pneumatic gripper and a rail-mounted platform were utilized for the efficient picking and placing of small vials. The modular design ensured easy scalability, and programming was streamlined through the Dorna 2 robot controller’s Python server.

This successful project showcased Dorna Robotics’ ability to deliver efficient and cost-effective lab automation solutions within a six-week timeframe. Lab professionals with similar requirements were encouraged to reach out for a complimentary consultation with Dorna Robotics’ automation engineers.

Business Automation with Dorna robot arms.

Education with Dorna

Dorna Robotics’ innovative impact extends beyond production to show its commitment to education and skill development. The user-friendly programming environment of Dorna robots makes them accessible to students and professionals alike. 

By providing tools and knowledge, Dorna Robotics actively seeks to contribute to shaping the future workforce in the field of robotics and automation, ensuring that the next generation of professionals is well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of automation technology. 

Interested individuals, educational institutions, and businesses are encouraged to explore the collaborative and educational possibilities offered by Dorna Robotics.

Automate with Dorna

Dorna robot arm in lab

As the world stands at the precipice of a future increasingly shaped by automation, Dorna Robotics propels it forward, offering not just robotic arms but a gateway to new possibilities. The invitation is clear: explore, collaborate, and innovate. For businesses seeking efficiency, creators seeking a canvas for expression, and educators shaping the next generation, Dorna Robotics beckons as a pioneering force, bringing us closer to a future where automation seamlessly integrates into our lives. 

Contact Dorna Robotics to be part of this transformative journey, where the future is not just envisioned but actively created.

Step into the future with Dorna.

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