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Robotic Arm Automation: How Much Does A Robotic Arm Cost?

October 13, 2023 24 MINS

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In this blog, we will resolve the common myths around the cost of robotic arms, simplify the intricacies of it, and help you make an informed decision about investing in robotic arms.

These highly versatile mechanical arms perform a myriad of tasks, from precision manufacturing to delicate surgeries. They are fast, accurate, reliable, and can collectively be programmed to perform repetitive bulk work that doesn’t need decision-making and human intelligence.

Factors determining robotic arm cost

The cost of a robotic arm is based on the specific product you purchase and the intended application. 

These variations in cost are influenced by factors like size, capabilities, and precision required for the intended tasks.

These are the factors that influence the cost of a robotic arm:

Type of Robotic Arm

There are various types of robotic arms like Cartesian, Delta, SCARA, or collaborative. Each type has its unique features and hence, its distinct price points. The most suitable robotic arm for your business will depend on your business requirements.

Payload Capacity

The payload capacity of a robotic arm determines the weight it can handle. Higher-capacity arms typically cost more due to their increased capabilities.

Robot Size and Reach

The size of a robot’s workspace, often referred to as its reach, is a significant cost driver. The reach of a robotic arm determines its range of motion. Longer reaches are useful for larger workspaces but can also increase the cost.

Semi-automatic robotic arms require human intervention to operate and control, ensuring tasks are completed successfully. On the contrary, fully automated robotic arms are equipped with advanced software and sensing capabilities, making them more expensive. However, their potential for increased productivity gains often translates to a superior return on investment (ROI).

Customization empowers you to tackle precise challenges, enhance performance, and attain a personalized solution that aligns with your unique needs. Although it might contribute to an initial increase in the cost of a robotic arm, it’s crucial to weigh this against the potential advantages it can deliver. Dorna offers quick, cost-efficient, and effective custom solutions that cater to every unique need!

Reputable and established brands are known for their robotic arms’ superior performance and durability, which can justify a higher price. With a brand like Dorna, you not only get top-notch performance and durability but also exceptional customer support, and compatibility with accessories and software, all at an affordable price point.

Are robotic arms affordable for your business?

To determine whether robotic arms are the right investment for your business, carry out a thorough assessment of the following factors:

Begin by evaluating your unique operational requirements. Identify tasks that can be automated and consider whether robotic arms align with your production goals and needs.

Establish a clear budget that includes not only the purchase cost but also possible installation, maintenance, and training expenses. Ensure that your budget aligns with your business’s financial capabilities.

When evaluating the adoption of robotic arms for your business, it’s essential to align your decision with your long-term objectives. Assess how automation can facilitate scalability, enhance product quality, or enable expansion into new markets. This strategic perspective can provide a compelling rationale for the initial investment.

In industries where precision, speed, and consistency are vital, robotic arms can offer a competitive advantage that justifies the initial expense. By carefully assessing your needs, budget, and goals, you can determine whether robotic arms are a financially viable option for your business and position yourself for long-term success in the ever-evolving landscape of automation.

What are some myths about the cost of robotic arms?

Fact: Automation proves to be a valuable asset in various manufacturing industries, regardless of project size. Robotic arms, in particular, offer substantial benefits in laboratory settings, where they mitigate the risk of human error and ensure precise data collection. These investments typically yield a return within 2-3 years, demonstrating their financial viability.

Fact: Similar to any machine, regular maintenance is essential to extend a robot’s lifespan. According to experts, when appropriately maintained, certain robots can maintain peak efficiency for up to 20 to 30 years, all while delivering a return on investment within the initial three years.

Fact: Efficiency is achieved over time with a robot. While a human operator might be able to perform a single task faster than a robot, the robot will prove to drastically increase output over a week, or a year as compared to its human counterpart. The robot, while unable to make decisions, can significantly speed up the completion of repetitive tasks.

Fact: Businesses can incorporate automation into their manufacturing process without a huge initial investment. We recommend that they start small and automate one part of the process first. This will also give them an idea of the robot’s efficiency and whether or not their business can benefit from it. It is much more manageable, cost-wise, and a great way to introduce automation into your workforce.

Are there refurbished robots available at a low cost?

As with many machines, you have the option to acquire a reconditioned or refurbished robot. If you’re interested in exploring an industrial robot at a more budget-friendly price point, investing in a pre-owned one can result in cost savings. However, the ultimate expense will hinge on the robot’s condition and its intended application. Nevertheless, you can anticipate acquiring it for approximately half the price of a brand-new robot.

It’s important to consider that a refurbished robot may entail additional maintenance costs and potentially exhibit less long-term reliability compared to a new robot. However, it can still serve as a cost-effective means to explore automation for your industrial processes.

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