Pneumatic Gripper Kit


Dorna 2, 2 finger, and 4 finger pneumatic gripper kits, provide an easy way for securely and accurately picking and releasing objects of different sizes. You will need to assemble the kit using the provided components, connect the gripper to a compressed air source, design and connect your desired fingers to the gripper jaws and start picking items by programming the gripper using IO commands of Dorna 2 robot. The kit uses MSC pneumatic grippers which are designed for reliable and precise industrial applications.

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Main Features

  • The kit uses SMC parallel air-powered gripper with high rigidity and high accuracy.
  • The pneumatic gripper kit includes all items required to operate the gripper excluding the air compressor.
  • The gripper can operate under higher pressure even at a larger holding point and overhang.
  • Multiple mounting options for installing desired fingers to the gripper.
  • Double acting, makes it applicable to inner or outer gripping applications.
  • Quick setup, and easy control using I/O commands of Dorna 2 robot via Dorna Lab or Dorna Python API.
  • Perfect gripper choice for lab automation, factory automation, and pick and place of fixed-size objects.

Technical Data

Number of jaws 2 4
operating pressure 0.1 MPa to 0.7 MPa 0.2 MPa to 0.6 MPa
temperature range -10 °C – 60 °C -10 °C – 60 °C
repeatability ± 0.01 mm ± 0.01 mm
max operating frequency 120 cycles / min 120 cycles / min
lubrication not required not required
action double acting double acting
external gripping force @ 0.5 MPa 34 N 10 N
internal gripping force @ 0.5 MPa 45 N 12 N
stroke 12 mm 4 mm
weight 135 g 66 g

Package Content

  • A : pneumatic gripper
  • B : mounting plate (robot side)
  • C : mounting plate (gripper side)
  • D : 2X fittings
  • E : 4X M3 flat head screw for connection to the robot
  • F : 2X M3 flat head screw for connection between mounting plates
  • G : 2X M4 flat head screw for connection to the gripper
  • H : switch and solenoid
  • I : I/O cable
  • J : solenoid power supply
  • K : pipe

Technical Drawings

Two finger gripper
Four finger gripper

Additional information

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Dimensions N/A

Two-finger, Four-finger


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