Easy to use, reliable, and affordable robotic arm

  • Up to 1.5 kg payload

  • 500 mm reach

  • 1200 mm/sec speed

  • 8-axis closed loop controller

  • Web-based multi platform software

  • High speed and real time communication


Powerful, fast and accurate.
Rigid structure and light body.

Up to 1.5 kg payload

With maximum payload of 1.5 kg and nominal payload of 1 kg, Dorna 2 is the perfect fit for light and medium duty applications.

0.02 mm repeatability

Dorna 2 offers repeatability of up to 0.02 mm on the same job and consistency of the robot at any speed.

500 mm reach

The robot can be mounted on the ground or on the ceiling, and can cover an approximate spherical working range of 1 m in diameter.

1200 mm/sec speed

Maximum joint speed of 600 deg/sec for j0, 450 deg/sec for j1 and j2, 2000 deg/sec for j3 and j4, and up to 1200 mm/sec tool speed, makes Dorna 2 one of the fastest robots in its class.

Rigid and strong body

Every part of the robot is designed to meet our high quality standard. Dorna 2 rigid structure and a low backlash gearing makes stable, smooth and no vibration motion.

5.5 kg body weight

With slim and light body weight of only 5.5 kg and small footprint of 72 x 72 mm2. Dorna 2 offers a compact form factor making it a good fit for tight workspaces.


Designed for rigorous performance and reliability.

Advanced motion controller

Dorna 2 high performance motion planning engine is capable of traversing lines, circles and complex paths. The controller can process a new motion command at approximately every 2ms.

Closed loop controller

Dorna 2 enjoys a fully closed loop control system that guarantees position accuracy, repeatability and consistency of the robot at any speed. It also provides collision detection and easy recovery from collisions.

Smoothly traversing complex paths

Fast and live motion processor

8-axis closed loop controller

Position accuracy

Collision detection and easy recovery

Auxiliary axes

Dorna 2 controller allows users to control up to 3 additional closed loop axes along with the 5 axes of the robot (8 axes in total). The extra axes can be used for gripping mechanism, rail tracking, camera control, or any other automation mechanisms that require precise and synchronized motion with the robot axes.


Several I/Os for more sophisticated applications and interacting with sensors, actuators and other devices.

  • 16 input pins

  • 16 output pins

  • 5 PWM channels

  • 2 ADC channels


Fast ethernet and wireless enable real time, reliable and secure communication between users and the robot.

  • Gigabit ethernet

  • Onboard wireless

  • Multi user interaction

Software and API

Operate your robot with no programming experience.

Dorna lab

Dorna lab is an advanced web-based interactive GUI to work with Dorna. The software does not require any installation and allows robot programming, simulation and monitoring through a web browser and on any platform, including PC, cell phone or tablet.

Web based user interface

Multi platform

Quick setup and operate

Dorna lab provides the tools necessary to increase the profitability of your robot system by letting you perform tasks such as jogging, training, programming, simulation and optimization without disturbing production. Users can easily hand train the robot by freely moving the robot arm, touching the target points and asking the robot to repeat the same task.

Visualize programming

Dorna lab programming and simulation can be performed offline without access to the robot. Dorna Lab provides the tools necessary for the users to easily design and optimize complex paths visually with no coding experience. The result can later be previewed in a simulation mode to test for any possible collision before running on the robot.


Advanced programmers can now interact with the robot through its WebSocket API. Our API enables almost any programming language to easily communicate with the robot, through a simple set of JSON format commands and messages.

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